Citizen 2.1 partnership – What is it all about?

CITIZEN 2.1 is a strategic cooperation funded by the European Erasmus+ Programme.

Our project brings together 7 partners from 5 different European countries: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany and Serbia.

It brings together a variety of organisations involved in education and vocational training:

Launched in September 2020, the partnership will take place in 4 stages, each marked by transnational meetings. These meetings will alternate between exchanges and training sessions.

The sharing of experiences, the confrontation of approaches and the exchanges between the different partners will make it possible to nourish a common methodology and to identify the effective uses of digital tools in the vocational sector.

Why this partnership?

The issues we raise are the following:

  • What will tomorrow’s world be like?
  • How can we best prepare for it?
  • How to teach in the 21th century with digital technology?
  • How can we free trainers from certain tasks that seem secondary to the current educational challenges?
  • How can we train future professionals for jobs that do not yet exist today but for which they will have to be ready?

For what purposes?

Our objective is to identify the most relevant and efficient practices, to organise training courses and to allow their dissemination to as many people as possible.

Amongst other things, it will be a question of reflecting together to solve the difficulties that teachers, trainers and monitors feel in using modern, attractive and effective digital tools in order to achieve their training objectives with pupils and apprentices.

As we all know, today’s expert skills will be tomorrow’s intermediate skills. This is why we want to explore the definition and appropriation of a continuum of essential skills in digital education for the trainer, but also for the citizen of the 21ᵉ century.