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The digital break

The presentation of this project was proposed by the GIP FTLV de l’académie de Besançon during the international meeting organised remotely from Besançon in January 2021.


A digital break is a time that is devoted to passing on computer skills to colleagues. It is voluntary, usually during the lunch break, and lasts one hour. Two slots are offered during the week depending on the availability of each person. Each week, a different subject is dealt with, sometimes brought in by the facilitator, sometimes requested by colleagues. At the Montreux le Château school, there is a two-hour lunch break. For example, the PIX course launches, as colleagues needed to review certain technical points.

There is often good attendance at these digital breaks:
between 18 and 20 teachers out of 25 30 teachers in the college.

The teaching is really personalised and the teacher can practice the concepts developed.


Points of interest

  • Peer teaching;
  • Field experience;
  • Individualised training;
  • Linked to current events;
  • Adapted to the context of the organisation;
  • Easy to implement;
  • Voluntary;
  • No impact on teaching time;
  • Disseminate innovative practices within the national education system;
  • Highlighting the facilitator’s skills to the institution.


Points of vigilance

  • Personal initiative dependent on a single teacher;
  • No official recognition of acquired skills;
  • Dependent on teacher motivation;
  • Availability of teachers;
  • Localized outreach.


Comments / recommendations

  • Dissemination of important information by management but especially by peers.

Project leader

Éducation Nationale : Collège Camille Claudel


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