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Application of the digital tools (VR) in the presentation of cultural heritage and tourism sector

La présentation de ce projet a été proposé par l’Institut d’éducation contemporaine lors de la rencontre internationale organisée à Belgrade en novembre 2022.


Augmented Reality represents a unique opportunity to offer visitors of Cultural Heritage sites an innovative way to enjoy technology guided tours inside museums, exhibits, archeological areas or simply across the city. Such an opportunity can be enjoyed using both Mobile and Wearable devices.
Holograd is an AR/VR mobile platform that enables the systematic digital enrichment of public spaces. It achieves this by building a sizable database that contains all the relevant information regarding a specific location, including its history, culture, sights, citizens, events, and objects. Through a wide range of scenarios, Holograd allows unique forms of communication and contemporary presentations of cities and cultural heritage as a whole. The project is a distinctive regional mixed reality platform that already contains more than 10 activities, including modern street art installations as well as UNESCO World Heritage Sites such Felix Romuliana.

This technology is quite expensive to develop on the platforms and creating markers and other resources for VR application which means investment are needed but gives extraordinary results. It pays off in many segments of activities and idea development. The markers created in VR technologies are outputs of blockchain technology and to activate the use of the markers you need readers i.e., applications installed on your android phones, tablets etc. Final outputs remain as long-lasting resources for exploiting the idea and field covered. The possibilities for other upgrading are immense and versatile.

It highly motivates end users and customers to investigate the topic or field you develop because of its modern, involving, and interactive approach. Students, teachers, visitors, and other end users get interested and highly motivated in discovery of object of historical and cultural importance since they are presented in VR form and appealing real and reviewed. Using this technology cultural heritage gets additional value through modern way of exploiting, sharing, teaching, and learning process



Points of interest

  • Data is packed into blocks, and those blocks cryptographically connect each other in a chain : what makes changing the entered data stable and able to be exploited as everlasting.
  • VR highly motivates end users and customers to investigate the topic or field you develop because of its modern, involving, and interactive approach.
  • Technologies give opportunity to be applied in wide range of educational fields , industry , sectors


Points of vigilance

  • Lack of interest of students to use App
  • Lack of digital skills of teachers
  • Lack of interest of teachers in digital forms of knowledge transfer
  • Unreliable internet connection
  • Depends on the technical conditions and the quality of the internet connection
  • Depends on the performance of the device the students own

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