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The digital folder

The presentation of this project was proposed by the GIP FTLV de l’académie de Besançon during the international meeting organised remotely from Besançon in January 2021.


Assigned to several schools and several grades, a teacher encounters problems in managing paper documents and photocopies. He develops a practice that allows him to teach with zero paper: the digital binder. The teacher chose the digital tool OneNote.

Onenote allows the integration of videos, sound and links. The student can also integrate videos, sound and photos into his binder himself.

The digital folder allows for pedagogical freedom. The student has greater autonomy in managing his or her learning: synchronous or asynchronous/ in class or out of class.

The use of the digital folder is possible thanks to the provision of 860 tablets to the college, which has been awarded the “connected schools” label. The teachers have also been provided with tablets and have undergone a major training programme.


Points of interest

  • Avoids the use of paper;
  • Flexible learning;
  • Fast learning curve;
  • Saves time for students;
  • Integration of various media (video, sound, etc.);
  • Increased competence of teachers and pupils;
  • Renewal of educational activities.


Points of vigilance

  • Dependent on funding and training plan;
  • Follow-up of content in case of change of institution;
  • Reliability of equipment;
  • Computer maintenance.

Comments / recommendations

  • Financing and a training plan must be anticipated.

Project leader

Éducation Nationale : Collège VAUBAN


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