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Infrastructure and Equipment


This area is about having adequate, reliable and secure infrastructure (such as equipment, software, information resources, internet connection, technical support or physical space). This can enable and facilitate innovative teaching, learning and assessment practices.




Learner equipment

Numerous initiatives have highlighted the need to consider and reflect on ways to promote access to digital equipment for learners. Indeed, many learners do not yet have the necessary equipment (e.g., a computer or a sufficient Internet connection) to easily consult resources and effectively follow online courses. It is important to implement solutions that are adapted to the reality of each institution, such as providing computer rooms, partnering with companies and associations to provide equipment at affordable prices, or developing an equipment loan program.


Consult and use Digital Competency frameworks

Consult and use digital skills frameworks such as the European DigComp framework. This framework aims to link digital skills, training, certification, the job market and civic life. It defines what a digital skill is and describes several levels of mastery for each of them. This tool can be used for many purposes, including the development of training plans. It provides many examples of knowledge, skills and attitudes that can support the development and/or updating of training plans for digital skills.


Adopting a reflective and critical posture towards AI

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education and training requires that all actors adopt a reflective and critical attitude towards the different facets of AI, including ethical issues. It is important to raise awareness and sensitize learners and educational teams to the different digital competences involving the use of AI. The European Digital Competence Framework “DigComp 2.2” provides many examples of AI-specific knowledge, skills and attitudes.

National demonstrators

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