Wednesday, November 24, 2021: “Start digital” – Presented by Ken DETHIER – COCOF Pedagogical Advisor and Gaylord LUYPAERT – EFP BXL Institutional Digital Mediator Presentation of the project :   This is an Erasmus+ project for low-skilled adults funded by Europe Their mission: develop a digital culture: understand the DigcompEdu Dig COMP 2.1 framework A […]

  Presented by Maria Begona ELIZARI DIEZ– Head of the pedagogical service at EFP Reflection to propose innovative methods to combine the best of face-to-face and distance learning

Electude – By Philippe KEVER (Automobile Technology Chief Expert at WorldSkills Europe: talent trainer. he Eclectude Platform, an e-learning platform, common to Wallonia and Brussels. This platform is specialized in the car industry You can access the platform as a student, teacher or administrator. The teacher has a complete vision of the student’s progress and […]

Speaker: Thierry Pinoy, SFPME pedagogical advisor. Developed in 2019, the Online Learning/Assessment Book 2.0 is an online tool developed by COCOF. It is used for communication between the learner, the trainer, the company tutor and the tutor’s representative. Organized in UAA: Acquisition Learning Units  (from 15 to 23 years old) for nearly 600 learners. It […]

Pole D.O.R.A. Presented by Raphaelle Galmisch Presentation D.O.R.A – Development – Orientation – Success – Accompaniment (85% of the registered students are accompanied in their search for a company) This center offers workshops to prepare for job interviews, tools to find out about social assistance, and an e-mail exchange space between learners and between learners […]