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Tuesday, November 23, 2021:

Welcome by Emmanuel Baufayt – COCOF Department Head – and Vincent Giroul – EFP Director

7000 people are trained annually at the EFP, both young people and adults. For the young people, 85% create their own company or are hired at the end of the 3 years.

In order to orientate the learners, the EFP decided to present 40 professions and 16 challenges,

It is the challenge of talents: Défi Des Talents (defitalents.be)

Thanks to this online format, which is more modern and made attractive by the use of virtual reality, the EFP has seen a significant increase in its enrolments.

Particular attention is given to the ‘new’ technical and technological professions which are sometimes unknown, but promising.

(800 students visited over 2 days)

2. Overview of the actions implemented to adapt to the health context following the confinement

March 17, 2020: Cancellation of all events, and consequently of one of the major events of the year: the Open House.

To adapt, the EFP and the SFPME are setting up the first edition, then the second edition in 2021, in a totally virtual space, of the e-tour of the professions .

It presents  the school’s premises in Virtual Reality and thus allows the discovery of 95 professions.

Virtual Reality training

In 2021, this resulted in 3048 registrations and improved the referencing of the center on search engines.

Another advantage, compared to a face-to-face action, is that the visits continue throughout the year.

These videos can be found at the Cité des métiers and are available on the platform: https://www.citedesmetiers.brussels

A human and financial investment that pays off:

The event’s budget is balanced because the whole thing represents the same price as in-person, a gain will probably be produced by the reuse of the platform and format.

Positive sides:

Sustainability of the event that can be seen and reviewed on the platform
Launch hosted by a Belgian comedian in a format of attractive video capsules
The fun side of “getting out of the house” during the restrictions
Modernity of the digital format that engages the interest of the proposed activities