15h15 – 15h45:

Building your learning project – by Isabelle SIMONET (Head of the professional branch ‘Construction’)

Constructiv is an organization that provides services for the construction sector.

Created by the social partners of the Construction sector, this organization aims to ensure that talent moves into the sector and can thrive throughout a career.

This includes an attractive social status, the necessary skills and safe working conditions on the construction site.

In each region, there is a training advisor, an insertion advisor (who connects workers and companies) and a welfare advisor (who deals with safety).

On the website you will find information sheets on asbestos, a campaign on work at height, etc.

Within the framework of ‘Building your learning’, Constructiv has developed a tool, ConstruBook, which is a digital resource center that a trainer can use to build his course (e-book).

The resources are available in fifteen languages (including French, Dutch and German – the three official languages in Belgium)

A technical competence center defines the professional competence profiles to be reached.

The professional sector is the initiator of the contents of the reference systems. A working group is in charge of the elaboration of the manuals.

The COCOF (Commission Communautaire Française) is the official body that issues the Certificates of Qualification (like the CQP in France). It relies on the SFQM (Service Francophone des Métiers et des Qualifications). In Belgium, a work-study student does not have access to the CESS (certificate of higher secondary education, equivalent to the baccalauréat in France).

As in France, the construction sector is currently under pressure and is having difficulty recruiting.