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Digital library : Building Your Learning

The presentation of this project was proposed by the Efp-sfpme at the international meeting organised in Brussels in November 2021.


BUILDINGyourLEARNING” is a digital library where you can consult and download books for different audiences in the construction sector. It was created on the initiative of the social partners of the construction industry, represented by Constructiv. This library offers material on jobs, safety and well-being in the construction sector. We can find a large number of didactic resources (more than 3000) that can be used to support lessons, training or during a career, such as :

  • Construction trade manuals written by working groups of professionals;
  • PowerPoint presentations produced by Constructiv ;*
  • Checklists, thematic files, information sheets, codes of practice, toolbox sheets for safety and prevention;
  • Video material and links to interesting websites ;
  • ConstruBooks”: a new form of learning support for the trades, allowing for personalised and interactive navigation through the content ;
  • Thematic campaigns run by the sector.

Constructiv maintains and feeds the platform on an ongoing basis. It is also possible to contribute to the platform by proposing didactic tools.

This digital library is easy to use to download or upload.

Points of interest

  • The platform content is free and open to all.
  • The platform is accessible on all media and makes it easy to find information through several levels of filters that can be combined according to the profession, the language or the type of media sought.
  • The content is continuously updated by and for workers/trainers in the construction sector.
  • Support for teachers and trainers in the construction sector in developing their curriculum/course.
  • Exchange of information/practice between professionals in the field who can keep up to date with the latest regulations on safety and welfare in the various construction trades.


Points of vigilance

  • Need to keep the computer technology up to date in order to offer a digital tool in line with reality.

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