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The presentation of this project was proposed by Handwerkskammer der Pfalz at the international meeting in Kaiserslautern in April 2021..


Germany has renewed several elements of the vocational training profiles (“Standardberufsbildpositionen”). These standards define the competences that are taken into account in vocational education programmes. The competences are, for example, the use of digital media, the ability to perform tasks while integrating digital media, the knowledge of data privacy rules as well as the reflection on the risks of using digital media.

The media educator of the Chamber of Crafts trains the trainers/instructors and the teachers of the apprenticeship training centre in the above-mentioned skills. This means that the trainers/instructors and teachers develop their own digital media skills so that they can in turn teach them to apprentices. They act as a catalyst and encourage the multiplication of practices among trainees.

The media educator also acquires and tries out new digital tools. For example, he proposes a media suitcase containing digital equipment allowing trainers/instructors and teachers to produce educational videos; he also proposes the provision of a studio allowing the digitisation of learning content or the broadcasting of live content (e.g. webinar )



Points of interest

  • The media educator to train highly qualified trainers/instructors and teachers. Being employed full-time within the organisation allows for tailor-made training and individual coaching (as opposed to an external qualification);
  • Digital (media) skills become an integral part of learning as they are integrated into the learning process;
  • The two-level qualification concept: professional training for trainers/instructors and teachers, who in turn teach the skills to apprentices.


Points of vigilance

  • There is a risk of focusing on digital skills, as other skills may be relegated to the background.

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