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Train the trainers

The presentation of this project was proposed by Handwerkskammer der Pfalz at the international meeting in Kaiserslautern in April 2021.


In vocational education, a considerable number of teachers, educators, trainers and lecturers have difficulties in preparing their teaching content using digital tools and in designing good quality digital formats for conveying their teaching content (e.g. practical applications), despite numerous offers of continuing education.

In individual sessions, participants learn about various didactic methods and applications of digital tools. Between the sessions there is also a self-learning phase, which can be transferred to their daily professional practice. In addition, participants have the opportunity to form tandems, to help each other and to exchange course content.

The contents of the course are as follows

Basics of media didactics, Virtual lectures, Voting tools, Survey tools, Explanatory films, Collaborative applications, Document editing, File exchange, Presentations and lectures in the virtual space, Interactive and multimedia learning modules, Digital worksheets, Quizzes, Project management.



Points of interest

  • The use of digital tools can enable trainers to prepare better training, including transfer to practice.
  • Prepare students, trainees and continuing trainers as future professionals for the needs of digital transformation in the workplace.


Points of vigilance

  • The integration of digital content may require more preparation time for training units for trainers.
  • The number and quality of technological tools present in the workshops must be taken into account.

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