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The digitalisation of training in the real estate sector : CEFIM LEARNING LAB

The presentation of this project was proposed by the Efp-sfpme at the international meeting organised in Brussels in November 2021.


Objectives :

The CEFIM LEARNING LAB project is an initiative for the digitalisation of training courses proposed by the Centre d’Etude et de Formations Immobilières (CEFIM ASBL), a French-speaking player in the organisation of continuous training courses for workers in the real estate industry.

It is an LMS (Learning Management System) platform, allowing CEFIM to host digital content (currently more than 60 hours) and to allocate them to groups of learners during a predefined period of time. The platform is intended for company managers, workers and learners (students/trainees) in the real estate sector who subscribe  to CEFIM LEARNING LAB : brokers, syndicates, property managers and related professions.

This training product (approved by the Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents) aims to develop the professional skills of workers in the sector through :

  • the provision of a digital continuous training offer adapted to the practice of the real estate professions;
  • access to an evolving catalogue of e-learning (1, 2, 3 hours), videos, multimedia activities, evaluation methods, additional resources such as glossaries, practical sheets to download, content library, etc.
  • a specific training offer: with personalised programmes according to skill acquisition objectives via training paths;
  • autonomous follow-up of online training: freedom of schedule organisation & construction of training programmes adapted according to skills, particular interests and individual and collective skill development needs;
  • delivery of training certificates via a personal IPI space connected via API;
  • tools for interaction with the community of learners and trainers (emoticons, forums, interactive zones, etc.);
  • the possibility for CEFIM to access statistical data useful for the evaluation of CEFIM LEARNING LAB.

The platform has been operational since 1 June 2021 and is the result of an integral production by CEFIM in both its pedagogical and technical dimensions. Its development was based on a progressive process: analysis of needs; choice of the tool ; construction of programmes, learning routes and training cycles; production and putting online of digital resources and training tools; creation of follow-up and support processes for the public; evaluation procedures; constant adjustments according to the needs of the real estate sector.

All the solutions proposed through the CEFIM LEARNING LAB are generated in-house. CEFIM therefore has full control over the products developed for the real estate sector.

Between June 2021 and August 2022, the CEFIM LEARNING LAB will represent :

  • + 10,000 connections ;
  • 430 modules injected into the LMS;
  • 80 % completion rate;
  • 50 hours of video learning;
  • 65 hours of IPI-approved training;
  • 15 trainers (experts in the real estate sector).


Points of interest

  • Media accessibility: computer, tablet, smartphone;
  • Continuous assessment of the level of mastery of skills;
  • Autonomy of learners who can follow the modules at their own pace;
  • Diversification and multiplication of educational resources adapted to social and professional realities;
  • The skills acquired by CEFIM are useful to the whole sector.


Points of vigilance

  • The need for significant technical and human resources to manage the platform and create the modules;
  • The need to convince certain trainers to create digital teaching paths;
  • The problem of the time required to create modules;
  • The need to remain attentive to the development of generic products that are detached from the activities of the real estate sector.

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