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Digital Career Guidance

La présentation de ce projet a été proposé par Handwerkskammer der Pfalz lors de la rencontre internationale organisée à Kaiserslautern en avril 2021.


Germany has a federal education and vocational system. Each state can define the specifics of its vocational system within the framework of predefined national standards. The federal government of Rhineland-Palatinate has stipulated in its coalition agreement the strengthening of digital and virtual career guidance.

Vocational guidance in schools generally begins three years before the intended school-leaving certificate and is divided into three phases: reflection on one’s own strengths and interests, exploration and discovery of jobs and finding a suitable company for work-linked vocational training.

For each of the three phases, the Chamber of Crafts offers several projects:

  • practical workshops in the training workshops ;

  • the provision of a career guidance bus to visit schools with a series of activities;

  • presentations made directly by trainees who present their daily experiences during their vocational training.

During the Covid pandemic, several new digital projects were created:

  • “Azubi-Online-Datings” as a digital substitute for training fairs (on site);
  • Classroom workshops in schools supported by digital tools and applications;
  • Live YouTube broadcasts of training workshop practices as a substitute for hands-on workshops to give an overview of the workshops.


Points of interest

  • The development of skills and knowledge in the use of new media and digital tools for professional counsellors;

  • Better digital accessibility for certain target groups (especially adults such as teachers, parents and network partners);

  • Digital offerings allow for a wider geographical reach and reduced travel time;

  • The use of digital technology can give an innovative perception to the organisation.


 Points of vigilance

  • It is necessary to take into account that digital offers risk excluding digitally vulnerable target groups (with low digital literacy and little or no digital equipment);

  • Good IT support and digital equipment are needed.

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