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« Tooltime » and Digital Pauses

The presentation of this project was proposed by Handwerkskammer der Pfalz at the international meeting in Kaiserslautern in April 2021.


« Tooltime » et les « Digital Pauses » are internal offers for the employees of the Chamber of Crafts.

Tooltime” was initiated after a training course on media didactics. The “Tooltime” consists of a monthly exchange on digital tools. In these exchanges, employees discuss in tandems the applicability and results of digital tools for their colleagues and target groups. Prior to this exchange, the tools have been thoroughly examined and tested in the context of their work.

In addition, the Chamber of Crafts set up a “digital pause” during the Covid pandemic. Every four to six weeks or so, colleagues had the opportunity to meet through video conferences, have lunch together and be informed about new projects and company news.

The two measures, Tooltime and Digital Pauses, are still in place. They allow for an exchange of experiences and the development of a team spirit across the company’s three sites.



Points of interest

  • The tools are tested internally before being used with other target groups and/or external customers.
  • The initiative allows for the exchange of experiences between colleagues.
  • Low threshold exchange within the teams – testing of the initiative and sense of purpose of the new tools.


Points of vigilance

  • Time consuming.

Project leader

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