National demonstrator

A virtual tour of the efp’s infrastructure

The presentation of this project was proposed by the Efp-sfpme at the international meeting organised in Brussels in November 2021.


In 2021, in the midst of the health crisis, as part of the 100% digital e-Tour des Métiers, the efp offered the general public a virtual tour of its workshops, i.e., the possibility of taking a 360° tour of the equipment and premises for future students.

This project involved over 60 hours of filming and many hours of integration. The virtual tour allows visitors to walk around 15,000 m2, visit 60 workshops and discover the 3 buildings of the efp from the event’s website and from home.

Between February and October 2020, 5334 unique users (7823 visitors) visited the different sites.


Points of interest

  • Highlighting the quality of our premises and educational facilities in an entertaining and remote way.
  • The virtual visit can be used as a support for the orientation of future learners
    The virtual tour increases the online visibility of the centre. Indeed, the virtual visit combined with Google Street View allows to gain in referencing.


Points of vigilance

  • The cost of modelisation.
  • It is necessary to keep the virtual tour up to date. Indeed, our training offer evolves every year and our premises adapt to the offer.
  • Users are not always used to this type of tool. It is necessary to create specific communication campaigns to capture attention and explain the use.

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