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Virtual tour of training centres

The presentation of this project was proposed by Handwerkskammer der Pfalz at the international meeting in Kaiserslautern in April 2021.


The implementation of digital content plays a major role in securing young talent.

In order to remain future-proof and to be able to offer relevant information about crafts, education, further education and the Chamber of Crafts, we have developed a virtual tour of the two main training centres, located in Kaiserslautern and Ludwigshafen. The virtual tour allows anyone interested to take a look behind the scenes of the centres and to gather information on various topics.

In addition, the virtual tour is enhanced with videos on the different professions to provide an overview of the workshops. Student worksheets encourage independent exploration of the virtual tour of the workshops. Pupils interested in crafts and trades are thus able to take a closer look and get to know our trainers/instructors.




Points of interest

  • The virtual tour responds to the digital interests of the younger generation (“digital natives”);
  • It offers a wide geographical reach and thus reaches a large audience.


Points of vigilance

  • The virtual tour does not and should not replace the physical experience of the crafts, for which, manual experience is essential.

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