Open Badge Workshop

Open Badge Workshop

First Open Badges workshop for the group of experts and already the outline of our Citizen 2.1 badge is starting to take shape! As a reminder, an Open Badge is a digital image that recognizes an experience, an achievement, a know-how, a commitment, a contribution, a...

M1C1 Transnational Meeting – Report on Day 3 (21/01/21)

Train the Trainers Presentation of PIX, an online public service which aims to assess, develop and certify digital skills The PIX platform is free and accessible to all. It allows the assessment, development and certification of the 16 skills listed in the European...
M1C1 Transnational Meeting – Report on Day 2  (20/01/21)

M1C1 Transnational Meeting – Report on Day 2 (20/01/21)

A different perspective for my class! Survey of digital practices in Technology Education The survey was conducted in September 2020 by the inspectorate among a hundred teachers of two disciplines: Technology in middle school and Industrial Sciences and Techniques in...

M1C1 Transnational Meeting – Report on Day 1 (19/01/21)

Digital tools for education and training French overview of digital education, “Etats Généraux du Numérique” From October to November 2020, the Etats généraux du numérique pour l’éducation (EGNE) followed the particular context of the first confinement. The need...

The first M1C1 transnational meeting

Initially planned to be held in Besançon, France, the first transnational meeting was organised online on January 19th, 20th and 21st, 2021, due to the COVID19 health crisis. Programme_Citizen_C1_engTélécharger

CITIZEN21 booklet

Here The Booklet that explains our project: Fascicule_Citizen_depliant_trois_volets_modele_2_engTélécharger