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Digital Report Booklet

The presentation of this project was proposed by Handwerkskammer der Pfalz during the international meeting organized in Kaiserslautern in April 2021.


Apprentices must pass an examination to successfully complete their dual vocational training. In order to be admitted to the examination, the candidate must fulfil certain preconditions, including the completion of a training booklet.

The training booklet is a regular report to teachers on the progress of the vocational training. The report indicates the chronological course of the training (description of tasks, theoretical background and duration per day or per week). The trainee is responsible for writing the report and can do so during working time. On the other hand, the company has to insist on the completeness of the reports and to control them.

Traditionally, reports were written by hand on paper. Since 2017, the report books can be written manually or electronically. The digital version is either completed via specific software or through a simple word processing program (e.g. Word document).


Points of vigilance

  • The software specific to the digital booklet involves an additional cost.
  • The company and the trainee must have digital skills to work with the digital training booklet.


Points of interest

  • The digital training booklet has several advantages including :
    • Ease of instant access to the report.
    • Reduced paper consumption.
    • Reduced risk of losing documents.
    • Reduced difficulties in transferring the report between different stakeholders.

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