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Electude, a learning platform for electromechanical professions

The presentation of this project was proposed by the Efp-sfpme at the international meeting organised in Brussels in November 2021.


Electude is a digital platform, accessible online, which offers more than 1000 learning and assessment modules dedicated to the electromechanical trades, designed by experienced educators and technicians. The platform offers up-to-date and interactive resources in the form of descriptions, images and simulation exercises, which allow the learner to discover systems, components and the operation of modern vehicles.



The platform was gradually deployed in the courses of the efp’s mobility division. In 2018, the platform was only accessible to first-year classes (apprenticeship and adult section) with modules pre-selected by the cluster. The platform was mainly used in class via the use of tablets distributed to learners. In addition, the trainers were supported in training in the use of the platform.

Since 2021, the platform has been more open to trainers. Since then, they have been able to choose the modules they want to integrate into their courses. The platform is used, according to the trainers’ preferences, in class and/or at a distance.

In 2022, 485 learners used the platform and 32 trainers. All levels of training and all classes are included in this system :

  • Maintenance mechanic ;
  • Multi-skilled mechanic ;
  • Maintenance and diagnostic technician;
  • New hybrid technologies and electric vehicles;


Points of interest

  • The use of the platform allows individualised monitoring of each learner by the trainers.
  • The platform offers the possibility for learners to complete the modules several times independently and at their own pace. It allows learners to better assimilate the material.
  • The platform can be used, in the classroom, at several key moments of the course: presentation of the concept, practice, evaluation, etc.
  • The use of this platform also allows users to evolve in digital environments. They therefore exercise and improve their transversal digital skills.


Points of vigilance

  • Keeping the cost of licences reasonable for the centre as well as for the learners. Indeed, learners in the Adult section have to pay to access the platform.
  • The use of the platform is not optimal on smartphones. The centre therefore provides tablets to learners during classes.

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 sfpme - efp

sfpme - efp

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